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New Animation!

2011-05-11 22:52:59 by VintageBro

My first solo animation in 2 years!
While playing the new Mortal Kombat game I decided to watch the movie Mortal Kombat: Annihilation with one of my friends. This is a parody of the Sub-Zero fight with Scorpion. We found some of the stunts and moves were odd and very impossible. So I figured why not make a parody animation about it. That is what I said in the description of my flash. Now about the little details. I really worked on what people thought I should try, such as more fbf action and speeding up the pace of the flash. Which I think I did, a lot better then what I have done. Im not that great at animation myself but I sure do enjoy just drawing still images. The voice acting was all done by me haha, I didnt have any voice actors and the worst part was when I did the voices, I had a cold. I seem to do my voices when Im sick, odd. More or less this flash has more insider jokes and if you havent see the movie you might not get it either. Just remember I did this for fun and its just a parody. Enjoy!

Now go watch it!

First animation in 2 years..

2011-04-12 22:37:00 by VintageBro

First animation Ive done in 2 years. Fire Kirby! Hope you enjoy " The Many Kirbys Collab "
Wanna watch it ? Go to my flash section and click it there.
Currently also working on another solo project ??? Maybe you'll soon find out.

First animation in 2 years..

Im Baaaaack

2010-05-29 06:32:16 by VintageBro

Not that any of you really care.
I just thought that I would announce my return. As the reason I left was because of a bunch of popular NG artists hasting me about my art. I worked on my art, making it my own. For the last year Ive made it so no one can say it looks like someone eleses art. Ive also decided instead of trying to mix " simple art " with " detailed art " I now draw still images very detailed and animate more simply with a tad bit of detail. You can find my art on facebook, under " Vintagebro Art " with over 200 drawings and 2 3D animations. My newest animation will be released very soon. I also recently completed a flash for " Robot Day " seeing as how I thought the post said June 10 not July 10....*EHEM* Anyways, Im back!

Forget all my posts

2009-07-11 15:37:17 by VintageBro

Calming down...

New Animation + News

2009-07-11 15:03:07 by VintageBro

I am lame I am Lame I am lame I am Lame I am lame I am lame.

My New Characters

2009-05-17 02:43:52 by VintageBro

These are my new characters, as well as I hope to add them in the power of three.
These are copyrighted, all attacks and idea's story line included. No One can take them or use them.

Attacks based on what they are, coder, artist and dj. Dont Take my characters or idea for them.
I dont care what you people think. Dont take my idea or idea for characters I cant stree it enough.

My New Characters

Power Of Three

2009-05-16 23:18:09 by VintageBro

Been awhile since my last post, so here's a brand new one.

l'm looking for a team. Anyone want me?

1) Looking for a group
2) I am an artist, I like to draw and if put to the task for something important I work hard.
3) I have a few years of experience in flash, alot of drawing practice. Ive won many awards for some of my art outside of newgrounds. An award for a painting, one in 3-d Animation and another for a drawing made into metal put around a skate park for the community. Check my recent flashes for animation skill, I have also improved in the last while. Hope someone wants me.
4) PM me and ask for my email.
5) Nobody is in my group yet Im looking for one. Im looking for a musical guy and a programmer, if you have both and need an artists him me up. Please, someone ask me :D

Check out my Sheezyart page to see more still drawing's and a little animations.
My Sheezy

Power Of Three

Resident Evil 5 Flash!

2009-02-21 03:46:19 by VintageBro

Well its done. Although its already been in the portal I figured I still wanted to show case it here and make a new post, havent made one in a wwwwwwwhile.

Resident Evil 5 Flash!

Not A Final Fantasy 3-D

2009-01-23 03:17:39 by VintageBro

Finished! After 2 and a half month's my friend Alvin and I are done our 3-D project for school. Keep in mind, this is our second project in 3d and this is our first huge partnership in 3d animation. Hope you all like it.

Not A Final Fantasy

Not A Final Fantasy 3-D

Three Dimension's

2008-12-05 22:45:56 by VintageBro

Not that any of you care I wanted to post befor Christmas time. I wanted to share two things I have coming up, my christmas idea's for one. I have been threw over 15 idea's I didnt really have time to put them all to good use. So for now Im working on jiberish, and hopefully pulling something off. On a side not the reason I called my Post 3D is because Im working on a flash at school in 3D. Alvin( Friend) and myself have been working on it since Oct. I hope but cant besure it will be done befor Christmas. Although the moment its out I shall convert it to a swf and place it on here. Heres a snapshot I took in class. By the way its Gr.12 Animation.

- Keep in mind the hair and the detail all this took, its so very hard and time consuming to make it perfect so bare with me this is my second huge 3d project.

Three Dimension's