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Resident Evil 5 Flash!

2009-02-21 03:46:19 by VintageBro

Well its done. Although its already been in the portal I figured I still wanted to show case it here and make a new post, havent made one in a wwwwwwwhile.

Resident Evil 5 Flash!


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2009-02-21 06:48:17

Twas still enjoyable the second time around my friend!

VintageBro responds:

Thank you


2009-02-21 09:34:11

Duude, link me! Where is it? I love that Demo. Haha

VintageBro responds:

On My Page O.O


2009-02-21 09:34:50

Oh dude! Your Canadian! High five!

VintageBro responds:



2009-02-21 13:59:09

lol that's kinda random brandon.

VintageBro responds:

Thanks mang?


2009-02-21 14:30:16

Random, but good. Also, post a link next time. I had to go ALL the way to the top of the page, and click on flash, and then go DOWN a bit again and click on the movie. You could have saved me one click!

VintageBro responds:

Thanks, My bad. Ill do that next time.


2009-02-21 19:21:33

I expect alot of racist jokes.

VintageBro responds:

I bet you did


2009-05-16 17:17:02

So, ModernSis was at the mall the other day.

VintageBro responds:

Luis, always commenting on the "Vintage" part of my name.
Oh did you see FutureDad 2?