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2007-07-26 23:53:33 by VintageBro

Hey vintagebro here, just want to say my collabs coming out soon, like tommorow accually. I cant wait I hope everyone votes 5! and makes a review. Thank you to all the people who helped me and everything like that.
I could have never done all this with out all my friends. Also i want to update what im doing for coming up.

-Vintagebro Shorts ( not offical name) like video game parodys all mixed in. about 10% done.
-Splinter Cell: The Mini Movie and thats about..5% done.

Hope you all look forward to seeing them.\


Making my way into flash

2007-07-20 21:11:58 by VintageBro

Well Im glad i got here, befor i was a simple kid who could draw really good. Then I found about this site, i wasent to sure about it, but in the end I disided to join up, or jack in. I got the program flash 8 pro, and tryed it out. Boy was I horrible. Then I started to meet new people, and differnert ways to do flash, and anything simple like a tween, to action script, although im still bad with that. Im really glad i got here I have improved tremendously and im glad i came here. This site is liek a second home for me, i come here everyday for like 9 hours lol, what a computer freek eh? Well If you take the time to read this thanks, otherwise i just want to share my story.