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Power Of Three

2009-05-16 23:18:09 by VintageBro

Been awhile since my last post, so here's a brand new one.

l'm looking for a team. Anyone want me?

1) Looking for a group
2) I am an artist, I like to draw and if put to the task for something important I work hard.
3) I have a few years of experience in flash, alot of drawing practice. Ive won many awards for some of my art outside of newgrounds. An award for a painting, one in 3-d Animation and another for a drawing made into metal put around a skate park for the community. Check my recent flashes for animation skill, I have also improved in the last while. Hope someone wants me.
4) PM me and ask for my email.
5) Nobody is in my group yet Im looking for one. Im looking for a musical guy and a programmer, if you have both and need an artists him me up. Please, someone ask me :D

Check out my Sheezyart page to see more still drawing's and a little animations.
My Sheezy

Power Of Three


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2009-05-17 02:59:14

Nah, I`m an arist myself.

VintageBro responds:



2009-05-17 04:35:12

You really are improving, Brandon. Keep at it :)

VintageBro responds:

Working on it home slice.


2009-05-17 07:45:35

Sorry, have already gotten a group

Wish you luck finding a team ;)


VintageBro responds:

Yooooooou posted to tell me this why?


2009-05-17 09:05:48

Hey, We really like your stuff actually. And we're also interested in this "Power of Three" Project. Since you're offering to do art, I guess we could give a stab at Music :D
Tom and Will are really good musicians who mainly focus on guitar and stuff and i'm an a pretty "decent" music mixer lol
Give us a PM anytime soon if you want to stretch out this project more


2009-05-17 09:34:23

I wonder how many groups can come together. There are many artists, but not many programmers and musicians on NG.

VintageBro responds:

Well said.