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Im Baaaaack

2010-05-29 06:32:16 by VintageBro

Not that any of you really care.
I just thought that I would announce my return. As the reason I left was because of a bunch of popular NG artists hasting me about my art. I worked on my art, making it my own. For the last year Ive made it so no one can say it looks like someone eleses art. Ive also decided instead of trying to mix " simple art " with " detailed art " I now draw still images very detailed and animate more simply with a tad bit of detail. You can find my art on facebook, under " Vintagebro Art " with over 200 drawings and 2 3D animations. My newest animation will be released very soon. I also recently completed a flash for " Robot Day " seeing as how I thought the post said June 10 not July 10....*EHEM* Anyways, Im back!


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2010-05-29 09:05:44

Hi there.

VintageBro responds:



2010-05-29 12:22:12

I've missed you :')

Looking forward to some of your new stuff.

VintageBro responds:

Lol Thanks LazyFeet! :D


2010-05-29 14:51:15

hoo r u?? l0l

VintageBro responds:

No one important


2010-05-29 17:33:02

ive been seeing your sister, ModernSis during you absence. Welcome back tho....

VintageBro responds:

ooooh Luis ;) , Thanks Budd!


2010-05-30 00:32:04

welcome back VintageBro

VintageBro responds:

Thanks Yoink :D


2010-10-22 14:11:47

bout time!


2011-03-19 21:01:35

*is observing and stealing *not* your flashes*