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Three Dimension's

2008-12-05 22:45:56 by VintageBro

Not that any of you care I wanted to post befor Christmas time. I wanted to share two things I have coming up, my christmas idea's for one. I have been threw over 15 idea's I didnt really have time to put them all to good use. So for now Im working on jiberish, and hopefully pulling something off. On a side not the reason I called my Post 3D is because Im working on a flash at school in 3D. Alvin( Friend) and myself have been working on it since Oct. I hope but cant besure it will be done befor Christmas. Although the moment its out I shall convert it to a swf and place it on here. Heres a snapshot I took in class. By the way its Gr.12 Animation.

- Keep in mind the hair and the detail all this took, its so very hard and time consuming to make it perfect so bare with me this is my second huge 3d project.

Three Dimension's


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2008-12-06 00:02:27

man-quack doesn't care that you wanted to post befor Christmas time.

VintageBro responds:

Vintagebro thinks your gay for talkin in the third person.


2008-12-06 00:19:17

Nobody care's that you wanted to post befor Christmas time.

VintageBro responds:

Thats what I was going for, how did you know?


2008-12-06 00:56:21

No star?

~Nutty :3

VintageBro responds:

I no hey, but you have no idea how hard it would be to add.
I tryed for like 2 days.


2008-12-06 09:27:35

to add a star is not that hard.... you haven't worked much with 3D before, right?

octoflash likes the effort. yes, third person! >:D

VintageBro responds:

Well yes I have, last year and this year, but nothing about adding something to clothing epsically with bones insdie so it would stretch the star. But its no big deal really. Lol well I dont mind you saying it because your not hating on me.


2008-12-12 10:52:58

that looks cool!

VintageBro responds:

Thanks, coming to a newgrounds near you.
2009 end of january


2008-12-16 20:41:17

was that done in lightwave? I'm not experienced with bones, but I can give you some modeling pointers if it was in light wave, like how to get the star on the shirt.

it looks good!

VintageBro responds:

Correct, I got exp with bones =3 . Tis ok, animation has gone pretty far already, sences have been rendered already.



2008-12-18 14:48:59

Lol, looks funny... kinda like south park models...

VintageBro responds:

i do what I want


2008-12-27 21:57:03

You really have atrocious grammar, you know that?

VintageBro responds:

Do you really think I care?
Who gives a crap.


2008-12-28 08:19:36

well yeah, but if you edit a model and save it it is updated automatically in the movie, like editing a symbol in the flash library you used in a movie.

VintageBro responds:

already rendered half.